• Bronze VIP Package

This package contains the following items:

  • 2 Months of Bronze VIP
  • 50 VIP Tokens
  • 1 Custom Car
  • 100 Paintball Tokens
  • 1 EXP Token
  • 1 Boombox

You'll save 25% by buying this package rather then the items individually.

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Bronze VIP Perks:

(For a more detailed version with better explanation, click here.)

  • Access to a VIP Exclusive Chat.
  • Access to all VIP exclusive facilities In-Game.
  • Ability to purchase weapons from the VIP Lockers using VIP Tokens.
  • Access to a VIP Garage that hosts a wide variety of vehicles (temporary vehicles).
  • Ability to travel from the VIP Garage.
  • Ability to display your In-Game name in purple.
  • Ability to purchase Kevlar Vests (full armor) at VIP Lockers (within facilities).
  • Ability to get free health refills at VIP Lockers (within facilities).
  • Access to ATM machines inside VIP Facilities
  • Invites to VIP exclusive parties and events hosted by staff.

  • 1 Additional Vehicle Slot
  •  Bank Interest Increase: (Hourly Rate) Max $100,000 per Paycheck
  • Weapon Creation Bonus: 1.5x normal rate of experience per weapon created
  • 20% Discount at 24/7 Stores
  • 20% Discount at all Vehicle Dealerships owned by players
  • Free ATM Use + Free Checking
  • VIP Usergroup on both Forums and Teamspeak


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Bronze VIP Package

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  • $16.00

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