• Custom Car

Are you tired of walking or do you simply not have a good In-Game economy to get the car that you've always wanted to have? Solve the issue by purchasing a custom car from us! 
The only restriction to this product is that you cannot choose cars that have been listed as Restricted Cars, and you cannot choose any of the RC cars.

You can view all the cars that exist in GTA:SA by clicking here.

Product Disclaimer:

  • AFTER PURCHASE: Please login into your game account and use the command (/shoporder) to notify Shop Technicians online. You can also visit our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.ng-gaming.net) and wait inside our Customer Support Channel. We can guarantee that your product is issued to you within 24 hours of purchase, as long as you use the shop order function In-Game.

This product is also available to be purchased with credits at our In-Game store (/nggshop), the issuance of items purchased from our In-Game store is automated.

Custom Car

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  • $4.99

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