• Restricted Last Name (NEW)

Do you want to have a last name exclusive for you and your friends? This product will do just that. This system is enforced by admins, after purchase and if your desired last name is approved to be restricted, you'll be added onto a Google Document showcasing all of our restricted last names. It's recommended that you make a Customer Support Request prior to purchasing this product so that you can make sure that your last name restriction would get approved.

Product Disclaimer:

  • This is a one time payment and once your last name has been restricted, you can only change it by purchasing a restricted last name restriction change.
  • Any player within the community that has your last name prior to the restriction, cannot be forced out of it. 
  • This system isn't automated and if you should find a player that has your last name without authorization (and doesn't meet the exception rule), then you must utilize our /report function In-Game to notify the administration team.
  • If your restriction request on your desired last name is denied, we can offer you a refund in CREDITS.
  • PRODUCT DELIVERY: This product cannot be delivered by Shop Technicians and you are required to post a Customer Support Request on our forums.

Restricted Last Name (NEW)

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