• Interior Mapping (150 Objects) [MEDIUM]

Interested in your own custom designed; house, building or complex? Do you want to build something of your own design and creation, or even perhaps claim ownership of an island?

With our mapping package you can really make it yours! 

Usual timing may take up to a few weeks for the mapping to be implemented into the server. We will keep you constantly informed about the status of your custom mapping. If there are any issues with the mapping along the way, you will be contacted immediately. Please note, that you will be contacted by a member of the NGG mapping team about your order and they will work with you to create your custom mapping. Once you agree on a basic idea for the mapping, we will proceed with your order. As soon as your order is confirmed, the mapping team will start to construct your mapping idea. 

Once you have purchased this package, you need to fill out this form: Click here.

Before purchasing this package, consider contacting our Mapping Team using the Mapping Support Form. Any questions or concerns that you may have can be answered by them.

IMPORTANT: If your account goes inactive (60days+) then your mapping will be removed. Any re-instatement is NOT a guarantee. If you have any issues or questions, email mapping@ng-gaming.net before you buy.

Consider the following:
·         No custom exterior mapping is allowed inside Los Santos or out in Flint County without the explicit approval from Justice. Permission is only given in special circumstances and you need to reach Justice on email, Justice@ng-gaming.net 
·         Custom mapped properties will not be returned/restored under any circumstances if the owner's account has been deleted due to inactivity.
·         A purchase of one custom mapping will only support one house. Two or more houses will not be allowed with one purchase.
·         The limit of objects for one custom mapping purchase is ##; not all objects must be used.
·         Do not directly go and contact individual mappers unless you feel absolutely necessary to do so.
·         Any mapping that we find inappropriate or feel that it does not meet an agreed suitability on our server may be denied.
·         Mapping can not be flagged to another player. 
·         Only completed maps can be sold via in-game trade, at the point of sale you must make the Customer Support, Sales Department aware of your sale. 

Interior Mapping (150 Objects) [MEDIUM]

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