• House Interior Change

Are you fed up with your current house location? Is the crime rate in your neighborhood high or do you simply want to a more luxurious part of San Andreas or New Eire? Then this is for you! 

Before adding this product to your shopping cart, please review our house interior list on the forums and enter an appropriate house interior ID into the question to your right.

  • All houses being placed in a non-roleplay location will be moved away to a disclosed location and the owner of the house will be flagged for a free house move.
  • All houses must have a role-play interior based on the size of the exterior. You can't i.e have a large interior on a small sized exterior. Houses found violating this might be removed and flagged upon the player.
  • The location that you wish to get must be a roleplay location, if you are unsure about the location then you should always try to contact a senior staff administrator to define if it's role play or not. A roleplay location is a building that looks like a house, that means that you are not authorized to live in a skyscraper, factory, warehouse, shop, business building, apartment building, club or anything that is not a house.

  • Delivery of your product may take up to 24 hours, after purchase and if your order status is "processing", you can utilize our shop report function In-Game (/shoporder) and you will be given assistance by a Shop Technician.

House Interior Change

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