• House Gate

A fierce gate will stop anyone from trying. Protect your property and yourself by simply getting a gate installed. You can get this gate installed anywhere in San Andreas as long as the property you're installing it on, belongs to you.

Product Disclaimer:
  • Gates must be movable and can't be used as mapping or static objects. 
  • Gates cannot block public property off such as public alley ways or other common locations used by the general public.
  • Gates cannot be used as static objects such as doors or furniture objects. The gate model given to you will be one that is the most realistic for the exterior.
  • House Gates cannot be restricted to any type of special level or group In-Game.
  • Delivery of your product may take up to 24 hours, after purchase and if your order status is "processing", you can utilize our shop report function In-Game (/shoporder) and you will be given assistance by a Shop Technician.

House Gate

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