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The crime rate in San Andreas has been skyrocketing and vehicle thefts are more common than ever. Why not get a place for your motor vehicles? A safe haven where no criminals can touch them. A garage could be your simple solution, and they come in different sizes! If you're not an avid vehicle collector, perhaps the smaller version is better for you, but if you're a vehicle hoarder, perhaps you should aim for something bigger? 

The small garage can hold 2 regular sized vehicles.
The medium garage can hold 5 regular sized vehicles.
The large garage can hold 10 regular sized vehicles.
The extra large garage can hold 16 regular sized vehicles.

Product Disclaimer:
  • A garage will only be created if the desired location is authentic to a garage. If you plan on placing down a garage in junction with a house, make sure that the house exterior has some form of garage gate!
  • Delivery of your product may take up to 24 hours, after purchase and if your order status is "processing", you can utilize our shop report function In-Game (/shoporder) and you will be given assistance by a Shop Technician.


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