• Police Badge Toy
Get this almost authentic police badge toy, don't let your dreams be dreams, you can become an officer if you want too! Though, we highly advise that you hide this badge when interacting with the real authority, they may just book you for impersonation!

Product Disclaimer:

  • The following product replicate the GTA:SA stock model, the model will change if you have a modified version of the item.

  • The following product is toys and serve no functionality other than giving your character a different look.

  • AFTER PURCHASE: Please login into your game account and use the command (/shoporder) to notify Shop Technicians online. You can also visit our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.ng-gaming.net) and wait inside our Customer Support Channel. We can guarantee that your product is issued to you within 24 hours of purchase, as long as you use the shop order function In-Game.

This product is also available to be purchased with credits at our In-Game store (/nggshop), the issuance of items purchased from our In-Game store is automated.

Police Badge Toy

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